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An Experience that starts with you

Today’s environment demands transparency, accountability, responsible citizenship, and the highest ethical standards. As an independent, sustainable wealth management firm, OpenAir Advisers, proudly focuses on giving the highest levels of client service by managing, maintaining, and growing client wealth responsibly and tax-efficiently.


As an independent advisory firm, our main priority is to align our interests with those of our clients. We take a long-term approach to investing with the goal of achieving optimal returns over time.

Curated Portfolios

We believe in providing truly personal financial advice tailored to each client’s established goals. Asking the right questions enables us to clearly identify your true vision.

Mindful Strategies

We are mindful of the gap between investor and investment returns known as the behavior gap. We help our clients focus on what is really important — meeting financial goals while avoiding common pitfalls.

Get Rid of Financial Traffic

This book helps people learn about modern-day planning. Many external factors have made it hard to have a sound financial plan. Our brain predisposes many decisions we make which causes many challenges when making financial choices.

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OpenAir’s 4 Step Plan

Your Guide toFinancial Wellness

We’ll help you create a plan that keeps up with the market changes. We have 3 primary goals: Growth, Protection, and Tax Effciency.

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Tell Us Your Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is not only important to get right the first time, but also keep current as your market attitude changes.

Plan for Today and Tomorrow

Get ready for your retirement or a major purchase by making sure you are positioned correctly. Having the proper communication with you rplanner will get you right on track.

Track Your Progress

A plan is only useful if its up-to-date. A properly managed plan will require small adjustments along the way. It’s the major changes we try to avoid by making sure we closely manage your plan.
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